There are multiple ways to shop The Other Side Tribe.  First, if you are local as of May 1, 2021 you can shop our brick-and-mortar store located in Toms River NJ on Saturdays only.  Second, you can shop brand new inventory via Facebook Live on our Facebook business page here: & in our Facebook group here: .  On both the page and in the group, you can also shop wall drops and stories. Third, you can shop via our app and even watch live sales as well by using our “live sale search bar”.  Simply enter the number or identifier being given during the live video into the search bar and add item to cart.  Our apps can be downloaded in either the iTunes or Google Play stores here:, you can shop traditionally using our website, or watch a live sale on our website and shop using the “live sale search bar”.


  1. How to shop via Facebook Live or on a Facebook wall post.


The Other Side Tribe currently uses Dibsly to recognize claims and invoice via Facebook messenger.  What does that mean?  It means that there is no need to register when shopping with us.  You can simply claim because your information is collected at checkout.


Comment, Buy then generally the number or identifier given by Katrina or Dom (e.g. 127,) then the size (S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X).  For example, if Katrina shows a dress and the item is number 127 and you are an xl, you would claim during the Facebook live or on the Facebook wall post: Buy 127 XL if the items are claimed right you will get a message via Facebook Messenger from The Other Side Tribe with a cart of the items you claimed.  If you claimed wrong, you will receive an error message.


In the cart there is an option to remove items or checkout.  If you choose to continue to shop the items will be added to the cart, if you choose to “checkout” once you hit the “checkout all” option in Facebook Messenger you will be automatically directed to our secure Shopify website checkout portal where there will be multiple payment options including; PayPal, ShopPay, Sezzle, Amazon Pay, AfterPay, etc. 


When you complete checkout you will receive an email confirmation as well as a receipt in Facebook Messenger.  As stated in the Shipping FAQ you can checkout as many times as you want and only have to pay shipping one time per calendar day.


  1. Why aren’t I getting a message from TOST in Facebook Messenger?


Generally speaking, there are only a few reasons why you wouldn’t get a message from us when claiming.  They are as follows:


  1. You are not logged into Facebook Messenger and cannot receive messages.
  2. You have our page blocked for some reason. This happens sometimes unknowingly, and your block settings would need to be changed in your personal privacy Facebook settings to allow yourself to receive messages from our Page.
  3. Our messages are being directed to “message requests” in Facebook Messenger.
  4. There is a Facebook Crash and Messenger is unavailable at the moment in general.


If you are hesitant still and want to test out our claiming system during a live sale, simply comment: Buy Welcome and you will receive a message from us via Facebook Messenger.  If you receive this message without issue you know that you are able to claim items moving forward.  If you do not receive this message, then see items 1-4 to determine where the problem could be.


  1. Can I shop the replays and if so, how do I claim?


Everything on our business page is shopable because Dibsly is always on and reading the comments which means you can shop any fit video, live video, wall post, etc. and as long as there are quantities available you will be able to checkout on the items.


You shop the replays, wall posts, fit videos etc. the same way you shop the live video.  It literally works exactly the same way as laid out above which means you can shop 24/7 at your convenience but be aware that we do offer unique new items every single day and we sell out extremely quickly so if you see something you like please don’t wait on it.


  1. Does your claiming system reserve my items for a period of time?


No, Dibsly works on a pay first not a claim first basis just like every normal website does.  This means that although your items are held together in a cart, they are not protected from someone else buying them.  For example: if we have 2 smalls and 10 people claim the 2 smalls everyone will have them in their cart but only the first 2 who checkout will actually get the item.  Rest assured Dibsly will not allow you to checkout on something that is already sold out and when you move through the checkout process if the items are already gone, they will be removed from your cart automatically.  This is why we encourage you to checkout immediately on items you “can’t live without” because we want to ensure that you get your goodies.