Hey Lovie!

We are going to be switching our communication systems for any issues or concerns you may have to make an easier and more personal shopping experience for you! Please text Katrina at (732) 574-5151 with just the following keywords and we will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the situation with you. Response time usually is 24-48 hours during business days. We do not respond on weekends or holidays as we like to spend this time with our family and loved ones. If you have not received a response, please be sure that you filled out the contact form that was text to you and save us as a contact. If you do not see this form, you can call this number to initiate a walkthrough. Please be sure you did not accidentally block us. Feel free to shoot us another text after these steps are taken. 

MIA: if you received an order and it was missing an item please text only the keyword MIA. Please be sure to check your account to ensure this item was not split off as a pre-order or sent in a separate shipment first.

Uh-Oh / Oops: all of our orders are hand picked by a selected few of our TOST members, if you received an order with the wrong piece or size, please text only the keyword Uh-Oh or Oops. Please be sure to check your account and order number to confirm the size you ordered first. As hard as we try to ensure everyone gets their right orders, sometimes mistakes happen…if you received an order that belongs to someone else, please text only the keyword Uh-Oh or Oops and we will quickly respond with a Return or Forwarding Label to make sure everyone gets the goodies they wanted.

Credit: Please read our Return Policy 

Order: to help track your goodies, you can look on your account, check on the ETA in the description of the item(s) or text only the keyword Order if you need additional assistance.

Makeup: who doesn’t want to feel beautiful? With this exclusive ability, Katrina can work with you one on one to match your face coloring and recommend a step-by-step skin care and makeup regimen. Text only the keyword Makeup with a follow up text of a picture of you naturally, facing the window and your skin type.

(Sizes): Let Katrina do some shopping for you! Text only the keyword of the following sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, or 3XL with a follow up text of any preferences you may have. When Katrina comes along something she feels you will enjoy, she will reach out to you with a picture and link to the item.

BIBLE: we all need a little sprinkle of Jesus in our lives. Text only the keyword BIBLE to receive daily scriptures, inspirational quotes, and/or encouraging messages to help us get through the days.

LOVE: we love to give back and pay it forward. If you have a charity or contributions you would like to share with us, please text only the keyword LOVE followed by a text with all their information.