Preorder/Restock Update Page
We've created this page as a place to go to for communication regarding your po's and restocks.  We will attempt to update the information as we receive it regarding these orders. You can also visit the HOT Tab here for more information as well in the product descriptions

-Beauty Stones:  As of 5/5 these are currently expected any day.
-Beauty Fridges: As of 5/5 these are currently expected any day.
-A&B from Atlanta show: This is expected to arrived to us on 5/5 and begin shipping immediately.
-Free Tanning Mitts: These are currently on BO to us and are expected in 1-2 weeks.  When we receive them they will be mailed out immediately to those who got tanner.
-Dark Tan: Dark tan has been mailed out without the mitts when we received information that it would take longer then expected for the Mitts.  For those who got in on the Dark tan Restock give 5 business days.
-Dirty Bee: For the select few orders that were missing an item or items from the Dirty Bee Atlanta live sale we are expecting that order by the end of the week to be mailed out immediately upon arrival.
Tru Vine Bee Mine items: Waiting on a restock to arrive should be 3-5 business days
For any other order issues regarding PO's or RESTOCKS please fill out the order issue form here: