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This is an amazing VIBE access only page on our website in which only VIBERS have access to and can see.

The VIBE virtual box for July has arrived with some amazing deals!  Make sure to follow the instructions on each individual special!!!  Please sign up for alerts by downloading our app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store where the notifications will automatically be pushed to your phone!!! 

Also when claiming via FB live with our automated claiming system you need to use the VIBE CODE FIREWORKS4 in order to receive your 5% off and then select VIBE shipping for free shipping.  If your cart breaks up for some reason you can do this on as many orders as you want throughout the day there is no added fee.  As we all know with technology things don’t always work the way we want even if we do the best planning. If you are shopping from the website this will all be done automatically for you.  You may need to use the codes to get those discounts using the apps as well as I don’t believe there is anyway to make them automated at this point.  If you still have an issue that cannot be resolved and it is VIBE related ONLY please email






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