The Candle Daddy

NEW! Naughty Candle Daddy Melts


The Candle Daddy knows your preference this holiday season is for a nice Well Hung.........stocking. Enjoy this Christmas Fireplace scented wax melt from The Candle Daddy.

The Candle Daddy knows you like to partake and just wants to give you a necessary cover from time to time with his Weed Be Gone wax melts.

The Candle Daddy's Almanac is predicting heavy snow this holiday season and he knows once the Snow is Out, The Ho's are sure to follow. Ho Ho Ho....

Need to send a message this holiday season? What better way than with The Candle Daddy's Go Elf Yourself wax melt. Amazing Christmas Aroma!

Why does Frosty have that grin on his face? Because you are warming his Frosty Snow Ball this holiday season! This melt features an amazing Winter Twig and Berry scent from The Candle Daddy.

The Candle Daddy has created the perfect melt to bring back the memory of that Fall Fling! Remember the smell of his sweater that day at the orchard or afternoon at the pumpkin patch.

A Great Gift for Any Occasion - New Home, Encouragement, Thank You, Appreciation, Miss You, Thinking of You, Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, I Love You all make great occasions to gift a great melt! Great for Stress Relief - Use our strongly scented wax melts in any wax burner melter that you have already for your personal aromatherapy. A Present that Everyone can Enjoy - Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife, BFF, Best Friend, Grandma, Grandpa, Daughter, Son, Boss, Teacher, Employee, Partner, Girlfriend, Boyfriend. Amazing Aroma to Match Your Home Decor - Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Home Office, Den, Bar, Work, Garage, Family Room, Countertop, Anywhere your Wax Warmer Plugs In!!!
Made in United States

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