The Other Side Tribe Boutique

The 4 Pack Bath Bomb Bundle


4 - 6oz Handmade Bath Bomb & Ring

Includes: Rejuvenate, Mellow, Bliss, and Lavender Bath Bombs

Let your worries wash away, and enjoy these 4bath bombs altogether or separately.

Restore your inner belle with our Rejuvenate bath bomb. Soak up the amazing blend of peppermint, orange and lavender pure essential oils with the elevating fragrance of patchouli aquamarine.

Mellow out in your tub with our all natural Mellow bath bomb. Soak up the amazing blend of lemon, lavender and orange pure essential oils, and breath in the sandalwood silk aroma.

Bring bliss to your bath with our all natural Bliss bath bomb. Soak up the amazing blend of orange, lavender and lemon pure essential oils with a whisper of black raspberry vanilla.

Experience the love of lavender with our all natural Lavender bath bomb. Calm your spirit, body, mind and soul thanks to the therapeutic qualities of pure lavender essential oil with a whisper of jasmine.

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