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Meet Katrina DiMiele. Wife. Mother of 4 Children. Over 13 Years of Experience within the Fashion + Beauty Industries. Double Mastectomy and Hysterectomy all before the age of 30. Giving her such a different, beautiful perspective on life, love, and culture. How can she not share her experience with all of us? Through The Other Side Tribe, we are taken along for the journey of freedom through fashion, body positivity, and self-empowerment.

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If there was a way to watch television and shop at the same time, what would that be? You're right - Facebook Live! Here at The Other Side Tribe, we provide a unique twist on fashion. We show you all of what our boutique has to offer through video in live time. How cool is that? From the trends of NYC all the way to LA, we bring everything to you right in the comfort of your own home. You'll find us live at all hours Monday through Friday.  

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