1. When will my items ship?


Most items will ship in 1-4 business days from the time of order depending on the day ordered.  We are always picking and shipping Monday-Saturday.  You can check order status on our order status page here: .


  1. Why hasn’t my order shipped yet (why does it show unfulfilled)?


There are many reasons why an order may not ship immediately.  It could be that the order is a Preorder/Restock which usually has a 10-business day turnaround.  These items for the most part are listed on our HOT page here:


It could also be that we state during the live that an item is expected on a certain date and will begin to ship following that date.  When there is a slight delay in the shipping of your items it may even be that the items were picked up by USPS but were not scanned in at the time of pickup which believe it or not, is a common occurrence.


When there is a delay in your orders movement it does not mean in every case that there is a problem.  We process thousands of orders a week and 99% of them move through the process without issue. 


On the rare occurrence that there is an issue (the item could not be secured for the PO, the vendor cancelled an order to us, the items we received were damaged, issue with customer address, or even when the Shopify inventory management system allowed an oversell when there wasn’t supposed to be one) we will reach out and resolve the issue with you (refund, credit, etc.) as quickly as we possibly can.


  1. Why does my order status show partially fulfilled?


An order may show partially fulfilled when we shipped out part of your order and have not shipped out other specific items in that order.  This may happen when you order multiple times in a day and some of those items are a PO/Restock or may not be available to us until a certain date, but we’ve already secured them.


Rest assured all orders that go partially fulfilled are documented and tracked by us and as soon as the items needed to fulfill you order are received they are fulfilled and mailed out as quickly as possible with no additional charge to you.


  1. How does the shipping process work?


Generally speaking, when orders are placed, they enter our internal shipping que and are picked from our warehouse, packed, and then picked up by the post office (we have daily post office pickups every morning M-F) and sent on their way.  If you order multiple times a day the orders are combined, shipped together, and the process is the same.


Shipping is 8$ every calendar day and because of how our process works we cannot combine items over multiple days.  We ship according to the day in which the order was received.  If you are a frequent shopper, it may benefit you to become a supporter on Facebook.  The cost is 50$ a month and you receive free shipping for the 30 days in which you pay for your supporter benefits.


  1. How much is shipping, what if I forget to pay for shipping?


Shipping is a one-time 8$ charge every calendar day.  Since our system is not a claim first but pay first system customers are encouraged to checkout multiple times so they don’t lose the items in their cart.  We have accounted for multiple checkouts by offering a drop-down shipping tab which includes the Free option “multi order day” at checkout


Once you’ve paid your 8$ dollar shipping charge for the day you can chose the “multi order day” free option at checkout for the rest of the calendar day so you don’t have to pay for shipping every time you checkout.  If you accidentally forget to pay for shipping at checkout your items will be placed to the side until you pay for shipping for the day.  You can do this by simply commenting anywhere on our business page “Buy ship”.


  1. I live local can I pick up my order?


Yes, you can pick up your order.  Simply choose “customer pickup” at checkout and in the order notes leave a phone number.  When your order is ready to be picked up, we will text you and  pick a time that is best to pick up your order along with instructions on how the process works.


  1. What if tracking is showing an issue with my order or my order is showing lost by USPS?


Any issues related to a package after it leaves our possession (lost, delayed, stolen) must be taken up with USPS.  We have zero control over a package once it leaves our possession and is received by USPS.